Tribute to Teta

By Nevine (Nufi) Assaad

These last moments will never leave my eyes... while holding her hands, our Teta has gone to be with the Lord in peace, but after deep breaths that she had been taking for some time that became shallower & shallower until no more. It was my honor to continue to be with her until the last scene. As tradition prevailed, she looked like the coptic icons holding the cross on her chest & wearing a white gown with crosses on each side.

Good-bye Teta until we meet in front of the throne of God, whom you loved & tried to share HIS love with others.

Looking back, when my social development path began, it had crossed Teta's path at several points. Pére Boulad was encouraged to give me a chance at Caritas Egypt, when he knew that I was the granddaughter of Marie Assaad. Also when I was at EQI working on a research on the Zabbaleen settlement development over the years, many of the settlers were happy to meet the granddaughter of Marie Assaad. When I was frustrated with counselling women, I would ask Teta how she was able to take all these talks, she would answer: listen to her heart and what she is complaining about & try to help there.

As everybody shared that Teta's open house impacted their lives, I am one of them who enjoyed the gatherings & felt encompassed & loved in the family. Teta took time to enjoy the three of us of my small family.

Thank you Teta for who you were on this earth & enjoy the presence in the real joy, peace & love of our FATHER.