Farewell To A Great Warrior for Human Causes

By Laurence Moftah

Two days ago, I received the sad news that my dearest friend and mentor Marie Assaad, who has shaped my views and influenced my decision-making had passed away.

The sense of loss of our most beloved Marie Assaad was devastating, but then it was tempered by memories of her great life and my recollections of her endless services as a “beacon” for human rights and numerous causes, both social and religious.

Marie Assaad is described as “Egypt's gentle warrior and a pioneer in Egypt’s social development field, who has tackled contentious issues with a gentle but unyielding resolve,” in an article by Aziza Sami, the namesake and niece of her lifelong friend and fellow activist, Aziza Hussein. (Ahramonline, Sunday, March 27, 2016).

Indeed, Marie Assaad was a pioneer who was involved in many Egyptian national causes. Behind a small stature and a soft-spoken demeanor loomed a larger than life giant. Fearless in her convictions and firm in her staunch beliefs, risked her own life several times when she joined forces with fellow activists in her strife to serve her country and community.  

For a better Egypt. She was also the guiding light to many Egyptian women activists who have undertaken major social, human or religious endeavors.

Personally, I am eternally indebted to Marie Assaad for her continued guidance and support during my work in the protection and the preservation of the Ragheb Moftah’s Coptic Liturgical Chant heritage. She was always there when I needed her, ready to provide me with her invaluable insight and savvy advice.

Her deep spirituality provided her with the stoicism and fearlessness that allowed her to pursue her struggles, trusting that her prayers will always be answered.

As she embarks on her eternal journey in God’s loving care, it is easy for me to envision Marie’s gentle voice saying:
"I am home in Heaven, dear ones.  I am so happy here for there is perfect joy and serenity in this everlasting life. My struggles are over, and I am now at peace forever, and safely home in Heaven at last.   Now Jesus illuminates my way, and I lean on His arm whenever I need Him. Then you must not grieve so sorely, and try to look beyond earth`s shadows, and remember that I am resting in Jesus` land. Amen."
Until we meet again, rest in Peace our sweet angel and intercede on our behalf.